Deputy Inspector General of the Vietnamese Government Inspectorate Nguyen Van San led a Vietnamese delegation to the 11th Asian Ombudsman Association Conference which wrapped up in Bangkok, Thailand, on Nov. 5.

At the three-day conference entitled “The Role of the Ombudsman in the Process of Public Sector Reforms towards Good Governance”, Deputy Inspector General San said that administrative reform is one of the key factors in effectively preventing and controlling corruption.

Vietnam ’s administrative reform has gained important initial results in recent years, thus contributing to the country’s socio-economic development achievements, San said.

Through reform, he said, the economic legal and institutional system and the operation and organisation of the State apparatus have been gradually finalised to accord with both Vietnam ’s current realities and international law and practices. A socialist-oriented market economy has been shaped and the people’s democratic rights have been better ensured, he added.

The structure, functions and tasks of State administrative agencies from central to local levels have been readjusted and rearranged to form a more transparent and public administration, the Vietnamese Deputy Inspector General noted.

During the conference, ombudsmen from more than 20 countries and economies also discussed legal reforms for good governance in the public sector’s delivery system, reforming its system for redressing grievances and promoting the role of civil society as mentioned in the Ombudsman’s charter./.