Vietnam bolsters AI application in all fields hinh anh 1Artificial intelligence (AI) products have been used in all sectors in Vietnam (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) – Artificial intelligence (AI) products have been used in all sectors in Vietnam, such as public administration, transport, healthcare, banking and industries, in tandem with digital transformation.

The application of AI contributes to raising the efficiency of State mangement and the operation of businesses, helping them quickly adapt to developments of the ongoing pandemic.

In Vietnam, many applications, such as face and voice recognition and security systems, using AI technology are researched and developed by many research agencies.

The development of AI technology and supply of tools serving digital transformation aim to save costs, ensure security and safety in the fields of transport, agriculture, science and healthcare, among others.

Founder and CEO of TopCV Tran Trung Hieu said AI technology helps detect COVID-19 infections, thereby assisting contact tracing as well as predicting the pandemic's peak and areas housing large numbers of cases.

Vietnam bolsters AI application in all fields hinh anh 2AI technology helps detect COVID-19 infections (Photo:

Investors are keeping a close watch to seize opportunities in the post-pandemic period in a bid to maintain their competitive edge and sustainable development.

Park Dong-jin, Co-Director of the AI International Research Centre and Director of Naver Vietnam, said Naver is working with the Vietnamese Government in seeking talents in aritificial intelligence in the country and building an environment for new technologies via partnering with tertiary educational establishments.

Of note, with the implementation of the ‘global AI research and development belt’ in France, Germany, Japan, China, the Republic of Korea and Vietnam, AI products will be used not only in the Southeast Asian nation but also go global.

Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy said AI is being among key technologies contributing to the socio-economic development of countries, including Vietnam, and it has affirmed its role and importance amid the complex developments of COVID-19.

The application of AI will be bolstered for economic recovery post-pandemic, together with potential fields and solutions to connect research and application, and domestic and international AI organisations.

He added that Vietnam is building an AI startup ecosystem to attract venture funds, whose support will help turn AI into among key technologies driving Vietnam’s development, making the country become an AI research and application hub in the region and the world.

Head of Frontier Tech Village TECHFEST 2021 Doan Kieu My said the Vietnam National Innovation Centre supports start-ups to access resources for development, connect the startup ecosystem and cultivate the country’s high quality human resources for the coming years./.