Ambassador Bui The Giang has called on relevant parties to work with the Sudanese Government to solve outstanding problems in an effort to hold general elections on schedule and achieve an all-round political solution to the Southern Sudan crisis.

At a consultative meeting on August 20, Giang, also Vietnam ’s Deputy Representative to the UN Security Council, appreciated pledges made by Comprehensive Peace Agreement signatories to hold the election by 2010. He also recognised efforts made by the Sudanese Government to prepare for the election.

Giang also highly valued aid commitment for the coming election in Sudan made by the UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) and the African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfu (UNAMID). He added that UNMIS should provide regular consultative services to the Sudanese Government during the entire election process.

Every effort made by the international community should be deployed simultaneously and should meet Sudan ’s legitimate requirements, the Vietnamese ambassador emphasised.

Having reiterated support for the Sudanese people’s aspiration for a free and equal election, the Vietnamese representative said he expected the election will run smoothly and conclude with success, thus contributing to peace and security in the African country.

On August 19, the UNAMID held a round-table meeting with those parties which signed the 2006 Darfur Peace Agreement aimed at restoring peace in the Sudan .

UNAMID chief Rodolphe Adada recognised efforts made by signatories to fulfil their commitments towards negotiations, peace, conciliation and development.

He said the accord, signed by rebel groups and the Sudanese Government in Abuja , Nigeria , in 2006, has paved the way for the UNAMID operation to protect civilians and conduct humanitarian aid.

He called on relevant parties to continue supporting the peace process “because that is the only way to go in order to give a new lease of life inot the Darfur peace agreement and by extension to the people of Darfur ”.

Since the unrest between Government militiamen and rebels began in Darfur in 2003, some 300,000 people have been killed and 2.7 million others displaced./.