Vietnam calls for science-technology experts hinh anh 1Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (standing) speaks at the meeting (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam continues the call for more incentives for experts, scientists, as well as domestic and international enterprises to accompany Vietnam in its adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), stated Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on July 12.

The PM made the statement while hosting a reception in Hanoi for experts, scientists, and representatives of organisations and enterprises participating in the Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo 2018 held in Hanoi on July 12 and 13.

At the meeting, guests hailed the role played by the Vietnamese Government in shaping and developing technology amidst the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

They expressed hope that the PM and the Government will give timely and suitable policies so as to aid a breakthrough in the area of artificial intelligence, and suggested that the Government should create widespread consensus among the society, thus creating “digital chances” for enterprises and people to engage deeper with Industry 4.0 practices.

Representatives from businesses proposed that the Government help enhance the quality of human resources, especially high-quality personnel in the field of information technology.

Besides, the Government should build special policies for IT enterprises, while continuing to reduce administrative procedures and connecting points, thus creating favourable conditions for enterprises to launch new technologies.

Speaking at the meeting, head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission Nguyen Van Binh affirmed Vietnam’s special focus on developing IT, and that Vietnam will consider the building of specific policies following the model of a “legal framework 4.0” to create optimal conditions for enterprises and people to take advantage of technological productions in the future.

Highlighting the significance of the Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo 2018, PM Phuc expressed his hope that the delegations will give answers to the question of how Vietnam can become successful in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and also clarify some of the Industry 4.0-related concepts.

Participants should contribute to the design of policies and solutions for Vietnam to actively catch up with the revolution, he said.

The PM stated that Vietnam is integrating deeper into the world economy with 15 new generation free trade agreements, with an increasingly open economy and high GDP growth. The country has been strongly affected by the world’s economic fluctuations, including those pertaining to Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence.

Vietnam has formed a strong ecosystem for renovation, he said, holding that it is important to continue designing and completing its policies and legal framework. This will aid a faster expansion of Industry 4.0, as well as the greater science and technology revolution, he noted.

The PM underlined that currently, the legal system of Vietnam has matched international law, including in the sensitive areas of telecommunications, banking, and insurance.

Vietnam has jumped 12 notches on the Global Innovation Index for 2017 and two for 2018, the PM stressed but also acknowledged that Vietnam is still weak in the stage of implementation, requiring more drastic measures to enhance the speed of IT application, especially among science and technology officials and enterprises.

He asserted that Industry 4.0 brings both opportunities and challenges for each country, business, and individual, and that they should raise their awareness of the issue to apply more scientific advances.

The Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo 2018 is being held under the theme of “Vision and Development Strategy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and seeing leaders of ministries and sectors joining experts on smart industry and information technology in discussions on the development strategy and application of Industry 4.0.

The highlight of the event will be a high-level forum discussing the vision and development strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Leaders of the Party, Government, and National Assembly, as well as some international experts are scheduled to take part in an executive talk themed “Vietnamese Policy on Enhancing Access to the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

There are also five conference sessions debating mega trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, namely the building of smart cities, the development of a smart manufacturing industry, the next generation of banking and finance, and visions and development strategies for smart agriculture.

Meanwhile, an international expo held on this occasion will house stalls introducing solutions and services in such key areas as agriculture, industry, energy, telecommunications, health, transport, finance-banking, and e-commerce.

It promises to bring visitors new technological experiences with smart manufacturing applications and leading tech products in the fields of smart factory, automation, 3D printing, AI and robotics, smart sensors, big data, blockchain, network security, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), e-KYC, cloud computing, mobile device software, authentication, and customer experience solutions. -VNA