Vietnam, Denmark artists to excite European Literacy Days in Hanoi hinh anh 1 The European Literacy Days in Hanoi. (Source:

Hanoi (VNA) – Denmark’s Embassy in Vietnam said that it and the Kim Dong Publishing House would take active involvement in the two activities of the 6th European Literacy Days in Hanoi. 

The first activity is an exhibition, showcasing the cooperation between Vietnamese and Danish artists, which will open at 5pm on May 4, and end on May 7, at the French Cultural Centre on Trang Tien Street. 

Vietnamese audiences, especially children, will have a chance to enjoy colourful books lit from the inside. The books are the product of 20 Danish illustrators and painters, including big names like Arne Ungermann and Ib Spang Olsen and the rising star Jacob Martin Striid. 

The exhibition also features products that are the result of cooperation between artists from the two countries, illustrating Vietnamese and Dannish proverbs. 

The second activity will take place from 3:30pm to 5pm on May 6 in the Goethe Institute on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street where Dannish writers and artists will share their experience on writing an historic novel. 

Writers Nanna Gyldenkaerne and Sally Altschuler and illustrator Tove Krebs Lange will talk about the correlation between non-fiction and fiction as well as freedom of artistic expression in writing. 

Charlotte Laursen, Denmark’s Ambassador to Vietnam, spoke of the cooperation between Vietnamese and Danish artists. Since 2006, Vietnam and Denmark have worked together on a number of cultural cooperation programmes, focusing on the creativity, accessibility and participation of people in art, as well as cultural diversity.-VNA