Vietnam’s export turnover has so far this year reached 82.63 billion USD, up 18.7% compared to the same period last year. The statistics show that exports are on the right track.


Vietnam does trade with more than 200 countries and territories and has recorded export turnover of over 1 billion USD in 28 markets. Of these, seven markets witness turnover higher than 10 billion USD.

Nguyen Duc Kien,  Vice Chairman of National Assembly’s Economic Committee said Vietnam’s export statistics reflect how serious the Government is about resolving the socio- economic development projects.

"We also need to acknowledge the efforts of Vietnamese enterprises. We hope Vietnam’s economy in 2018 will continue to flourish," he added.

Businesses said the Government’s policy of supporting the production of commodities for export has initially paid off.

Nguyen Hung, Director of An Phu Viet Company said "We expect a growth of 30% for this year. We saw a growth of over 20% so far this year and we are seeking opportunities to access big partners to raise our production capacity."

Experts say positive signs have been seen in export. However, the Ministry of Industry and Trade urged enterprises to focus on heightening the quality of products and invest in more economic-efficient production methods./. - VNA