The 108 Military Central Hospital has completed the fourth organ tissue transplantation from a brain-dead donor.

In this case, doctors from the hospital have transplanted 2 arms from the donor to an 18-year-old patient. 3 years ago, when the patient was 15 years old, he got involved in an accident while doing a chemical experiment. The explosion, formed by chemical reactions, has destroyed his arms.

The patient's life has changed completely. He was faced with many difficulties. The dream to learn knowledge in school also shattered. Luckily, the donor has saved his life by giving him 2 new arms.

This is the second arm transplantation case of the hospital. Before, doctors have transplanted an arm from a brain-dead donor to a patient in January 2020.

This is also a multiple tissues and organs transplantation in a very short time: doctors transplanted 2 lungs to one patient who diagnosed with a disease related to his lungs; They transplanted a liver to a patient with cirrhosis caused by hepatitis B virus; They transplanted 2 kidneys for 2 patients with failed kidneys. And the transplantation of 2 arms to the 18-year-old patient.

The hospital also cooperated with the National Center for Organ Transplant Coordination to preserve and transport the donor's hearth to the Viet Duc Friendship Hospital./.