The International Labour Organisation in Vietnam on June 11 launched the campaign “ Red Card to Child Labour” to push for the elimination of child labour, which still exists in many countries across the world.

Marking the World Day Against Child Labour on June 12, the campaign uses the symbol of the red card in football as the World Cup 2014 is to open in Brazil on June 13.

Striker Le Cong Vinh of Vietnam’s national football team joined famous players and many celebrities all over the world in the global campaign.

According to ILO, there are over 168 million child labourers worldwide. More than half of them are doing work that puts their health and safety at risk.

Statistics of a survey by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the General Statistics Office and the ILO in Vietnam in 2013 showed that the rate of child labourer in Vietnam in 2013 was lower than the world’s average.

In Vietnam, almost all child labourers are living in rural areas and working in agriculture sector without pay to aid their family. About one-third of them, or nearly 569,000 have to work 42 hours per week, causing negative impacts to their study.

Gyorgy Sziraczki, Director of ILO in Vietnam affirmed the need to raise public awareness of the issue, saying that this plays an important role in fighting against child labour.

He said no single solution can solve the problem and called for joint efforts from policy makers, employers and families, in which an effective social security system will play an important role.-VNA