Vietnam Press Caricature contest: Social network behaviors a hot topic hinh anh 1 Deputy General Director of the Vietnam News Agency Le Quoc Minh speaks at the award ceremony (Photo: VietnamPlus)


Hanoi (VNA) - The entries to the fifth Vietnam Press Caricature contest did not only touch upon current political issues but also explain the causes of those problems.

The award-giving ceremony and the exhibition of the works were held at the headquarters of the Vietnam News Agency, No. 5 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi).

The contest was held by the The thao va Van hoa (Sports and Culture) newspaper under the Vietnam News Agency under the theme “Cultural behaviors, civilized society).

Social networks a hot topic

Eight months after it was launched (April – December 2018), the organizing board received nearly 400 entries from 50 artists. This demonstrates the attractiveness of the contest, as well as the creativeness of both professional and non-professional artists throughout the country.

On the basis of the quality of the works, the organizing board handed one first, two second, two third and four consolation prizes.

Vietnam Press Caricature contest: Social network behaviors a hot topic hinh anh 2The works “Chuc Cho” (Waiting) by Le Dieu Bang won the first prize (Photo: the organizing board)


The entries touch upon the hot issues in the society over the recent past, focusing on the behaviors in public places, offices (especially hospitals and schools), and on social networks. 

Le Xuan Thanh, Editor-in-chief of the newspaper and head of the organizing board, said: “The entries do not only touch upon the current political issues but also point out and explain their causes.”

Statistics by the organizing board show that about 30 percent of the entries belong to the topic of behaviors on social networks, especially those by Hu Loc, Nguyen Duc tri, Le Dieu Bang and Le Duc Hung. Irrational behaviors on social networks as well as the negative sides of the networks are exposed in a vivid and lively way.

“Those are ‘hot’ issues and aching problems in the society over the recent past as the publication of fake news, poorly cultural and uncivilized behaviors, which is a violation of professional ethics and laws, is mushrooming and leaving serious consequences. This requires corrective actions from managers,” said Ho Quang Loi, permanent Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Journalists’ Association.

Caricature’s power

According to Le Quoc Minh, Deputy Director General of the Vietnam News Agency, the contest proves the attention from the society to caricature in general particular and caricature on the press in particular. The authors have brought into play the strength of caricature to criticize the phenomena of irrational behaviors and encourage cultural and civilized ones in the current social relations, expressing their wish for a civilized social environment.

Sharing that viewpoint, Loi affirmed: “Caricature is still a really sharp weapon in the hand of journalists, artists and press offices. The success of this contest sheds light to the fact that the creativity of caricaturists is still very abundant. The authors have brought ‘hot’ social issue to the public through their works, which are sometimes printed in small sizes but can cause direct impact on the perception of the public.”

Vietnam Press Caricature contest: Social network behaviors a hot topic hinh anh 3Consolation prize-winning “Schedule for care of sick mother” by Nguyen Duc Tri (Photo: the organizing board)


The contest is held to continue encouraging the caricature movement and to bring back as well as further bring into play the power of the press caricature.

Minh said the history of press caricature in Vietnam is dated nearly 100 years back, starting from the time when Nguyen Ai Quoc used caricature in service of the struggle against the French colonialist aggressors on Le Paria in 1922. Ever since, caricature has always affirmed its important position in the fight against the negative signs.

“After a hiatus as a result of the vigorous development of electronic equipment, caricature has gradually regained its position on newspapers, although there are many differences from the past. Currently, caricature is appearing not only on the printed but also on electronic newspapers with large interactions and spill-out effect. The pioneer role of the The thao va Van hoa newspaper in the re-organization of the contest creates an important push for the development of the press caricature,” Minh stressed.

Together with the compilation of the entries into a book, the organizing board selected 60 prominent works for an exhibition at the headquarters of the Vietnam News Agency, No. 5 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi, on January 11.

During the weekend (January 12-13), the exhibition will be brought to the public on the pedestrian stree in front of No. 2 Le Thai To Street to popularize the message of “Cultural behaviors, Civilized society” to the public.-VNA

List of prize-winning works

First prize: “Waiting” by Le Dieu Bang”

Second prize: - “Joint hands” by Do Anh dung

-        “When private life becomes fastfood” by Nguyen Manh Tien

Third prize: - “Back and white goats” by Tran Hai Nam

-        “Urban order” by Nguyen Minh Dong

Consolation prize: - “Demarcation of care for sick mother” by Nguyen Duc Tri

-        “No title” by Nguyen Duy Son

-        “C’mon” by Nguyen Huu Loc

-        “Public opinion” by Le Duc Hung.