Vietnam - promising market for investment: Thai firm hinh anh 1CEO of KTAM Chavinda Hanratanakool (Photo:
Bangkok (VNA) – Vietnam and India are the most promising markets for long-term investment as the two countries have responded well to global challenges and uncertainties thanks to their fast-growing economies, according to Krungthai Asset Management (KTAM) Public Company Limited of Thailand. 

CEO of KTAM Chavinda Hanratanakool said although the global economy remains volatile as a result of the tense political situation, there were signs that inflation had begun to slow down after several central banks took steps to ease inflationary pressures.

KTAM has started to see signs of economic recovery in countries with high-growth potential, including Vietnam and India, which have become increasingly attractive for investment, she noted.

Vietnam has been an attractive investment destination due to its high economic growth and comparatively low inflation, the official said, adding that such conditions present a new investment opportunity.

According  Chavinda, for Vietnam, the KTAM Vietnam Equity Fund (KT-VIETNAM-A) is an active investment aimed at generating superior market returns. Through equity investment, the fund focuses on stocks that benefit from economic growth and listed companies on both domestic and foreign markets.

Investors who are looking to invest with tax benefits can opt for the KTAM Vietnam Equity Fund (Saving Type), also known as KT-VIETNAM-SSF, she said./.