Vietnam, which had to go through wars to defend national independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, understands the consequences of wars and conflicts and therefore shares the strong desire for peace, a Vietnamese diplomat has said.

Speaking at the open debate of the United Nations Security Council, themed “Wars, Lessons of War and the Search for Permanent Peace”, in New York on January 29, permanent representative of Vietnam to the UN, Ambassador Le Hoai Trung said since its inception after the second World War, the UN has proved to be instrumental in preventing another world war and worked hard to de-escalate, find solutions to and address the consequences of conflicts all over the world.

However, conflicts still wreak havoc on millions of lives and the development of too many nations, which stem from obsolete doctrines of power politics, from the ambition of domination and imposition and threat or use of force in settling international disputes, including those related to territorial and jurisdictional claims, according to the Vietnamese diplomat.

The warlike forces will eventually meet with setbacks because nations’ aspirations for their independence, sovereignty and other invaluable, legitimate rights are a source of great strength, he stressed.
In his opinion, nowadays, international community, including the UN, must build, strengthen and make the best use of the institutions of peace, including the development of international law, international and regional organisations and mechanisms to facilitate dialogue, confidence building and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

In this connection, the UN Security Council, especially its permanent members, bears special responsibilities, he affirmed.-VNA