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Hanoi (VNA)
- The Vietnam Asset Management Company (VAMC) will take drastic measures to recover around 33 trillion VND (2.6 billion USD) of non-performing loans (NPLs) this year, VAMC Chairman Nguyen Tien Dong said.

Dong said that to meet the target VAMC would focus on restructuring and classifying its bad debts, so that it can sell its secured assets and recoup the debts.

“An analyst group specialised in restructuring enterprises with bad debts will also be set up to boost the debt settlement,” he said.

VAMC will coordinate with relevant bodies under the central bank to submit to the Government and the National Assembly a project on restructuring and handling bad debts to ease VAMC’s operations, Dong said.

This project will also be expected to strengthen capital, technology and human resources of VAMC to ensure that it is strong enough to settle bad debts.

Trading of bad debts under market mechanism will be also undertaken this year to meet the target, he said.

Besides the recovery of bad debts, VAMC will also buy 25 trillion VND of NPLs from credit institutions this year.

According to VAMC, the company purchased 30 trillion VND of bad debts from credit institutions last year.

It had also collaborated with creditors to recover loans and sell mortgaged assets with a total value of more than 20.6 trillion VND. Specifically, 469 billion VND in bad debt was sold, nearly 5.5 trillion VND recovered from the sale of assets used as collateral, and some 14.7 trillion VND retrieved via authorisation for credit institutions.

Settlement of bad debts at credit institutions is also expected to be positive this year after some institutions announced they would buy back all the NPLs they had sold to VAMC.

Vietinbank Chairman Nguyen Van Thang said that in 2017 his bank would focus on settling bad debts and buy back all the bad debts it sold to VAMC, three years earlier than planned.

From 2007 to 2010, Vietinbank recouped nearly 10 trillion VND of bad debts through a provision of risk loans and sales of bad debts. The bank’s bad debt ratio was kept under 1 percent by the end of 2016.-VNA