An exhibition of ancient Vietnamese artifacts and an Oc Eo-Phu Nam civilisation room were jointly opened in Hanoi on July 25 by the Vietnam National Museum of History and the Thang long Artifacts Association.

The exhibition showcases more than 50 outstanding Vietnamese antique objects and aims to promote the preservation of the national cultural heritage.

The objects range from Dong Son civilisation 2,500 years ago to the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th century and include those made of bronze and pottery such as kettledrums, bells, caskets and jars.

More importantly, it also exhibits a collection of skillfully crafted jewelery made of gold from the Nguyen Dynasty. This is the first time these objects have been displayed in Hanoi although they were collected over the past five years.

The exhibition, due to close on August 25, is expected to contribute to promoting the national quintessence and value of culture and history to domestic as well as foreign observers.

The Oc Eo-Phu Nam civilisation room shows more than 100 precious ancient objects of Oc Eo, an archaic civilisation from the 10th century BC in the south.

Displayed objects made from various materials such as gold, bronze, pottery, precious metals and stones have been unearthed across the southern region.

Oganisers hoped the exhibition will help domestic and foreign viewers understand the Oc Eo civilisation, thus raising public awareness on preserving the national cultural heritage.-VNA