Audience in Vietnam will soon be able to see live performances of Graduation Ball – a ballet performed for the first time in Sydney, Australia 73 years ago.

Dancers from the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) will practise under the instruction of renowned Australian ballet dancer Colin Peasley before performing the ballet. The ballet is set in a fashionable Viennese finishing school for girls during the 1840s.

Peasley retired from the Australian Ballet (AB) last August after 50 years and a record 6,406 shows. As the founding dancer of the company, he is its longest serving member.

"It is an old ballet and one of the first big, classical professional ballets. It is a good story, and we chose it because of its history which goes back to 1942," the 79-year-old dancer said. "When people watch it, they will say, 'Oh, that's what ballet is all about!'"

The one-act ballet will last for about 40 minutes. Dancers will not stop moving for the whole show, so they need character, personality and energy, Peasley said.

With the support of the Australian Ballet, VNOB will perform the ballet for one year.-VNA