Canberra (VNA) – Vietnamese expats living in Australia contributed their ideas to draft documents of the 13th National Party Congress at a virtual seminar held by the Embassy of Vietnam in Canberra on November 7.

Attendees included representatives from intellectuals, researchers, business leaders and students who enthusiastically expressed their opinions in various areas, such as economy, education, human resources development and sustainable development.

Most speakers held the draft documents in high regard, saying they have been thoroughly drafted with high coherence and combination of theory and practice, and consistency and innovation.

The documents made objective, comprehensive and specific assessments about the achieved outcomes and clarified limitations, weaknesses as well as their causes and lessons drawn, they said, adding that major viewpoints, policies and main solutions over the next five years, with a vision towards 2030 and 2045, have also been outlined towards realising the goal of  turning Vietnam into a developed, socialist-oriented country in the middle of this century.


The attendees suggested that more assessment be made about factors favourable for socio-economic development, thus strengthening the feasibility of the development goals in the next five years.
Some urged focusing more on attracting Vietnamese talents overseas and encouraging contributions of Vietnamese expats as a way to create a breakthrough in educational reforms and developing human resources for national development.

A representative of the student community urged specific solutions to foster a more dynamic, enthusiastic young generation and a special attention on the youth's role in each sector in the national socio-economic development strategy in the next 10 years as they are able to adapt to the rapid growth of science and technology./.