Argentina’s Viditerra 1915 travel agency is planning a cross-Vietnam tour that could bring Argentinean holiday seekers to must-see sites, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Long Bay, Sa Pa town, and Hue ancient capital, starting in 2015.

Viditerra 1915 Director Viviana Castro revealed the plan when talking to the Vietnam News Agency’s correspondents in Buenos Aires on the fringes of a seminar to introduce Southeast Asia’s tourism in the Argentinean capital city on November 5.

She affirmed that Vietnam is an attractive destination for cultural tourism.

Many of Viditerra 1915’s customers were impressed with Vietnam’s current socio-economic development achievements, she said, adding that her agency wishes to introduce modern Vietnam to more people.

Vietnam is becoming an attractive destination to Argentinean tourists, welcoming around 10,000 arrivals from the Latin American country each year, heard the seminar, which was co-organised by the Vietnam Embassy in Argentina, Viditerra 1915, and the Argentine Chamber of Commerce for Asia and the Pacific.

A video clip featuring Vietnamese land and people, history and culture and tourism potential as well as tourist attractions was screened at the event.-VNA