A series of prominent Vietnamese films produced between 2000 and 2010 will be shown in Italy during the Vietnam Cultural Days in Venice from June 7-21, according to Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) website.

The featured films include “Ben khong chong” (Wharf of Widows), “Thoi xa vang” (A Time Far Passed), “Song trong so hai” (Living in Fear), “Chuyen cua Pao” (Pao’s Story), “Choi voi” (Adrift), “Tam hon cua me” (Mother’s Soul), “Mui co chay” (The Scent of Burnt Grass), “Ao lua Ha Dong” (The White Silk Dress), “Canh dong bat tan” (Endless Fields), and “Khat vongThang Long” (Thang Long Desire).

The film screenings are co-organised by the Vietnam Cinematography Department and the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy.-VNA