Vietnamese students win prizes at international photo festival hinh anh 1The photo taken by Nguyen Ba Hoang Minh which won a prize at the 1st International High School Students’ Photo Festival Exchange held in Japan’s Higashikawa Town from August 4 to 8, 2015. Photo:
Vietnam won team and individual prizes at the first International High School Students' Photo Festival Exchange in Higashikawa, Japan, that ran from August 4-10.

The prize-winning Thang Long team included Nguyen Khac Hieu , To Quang Minh and Nguyen Ba Hoang Minh.

Hoang Minh took the individual prize.

This year, 13 teams from 10 countries took part in the festival which focused on landscapes, daily life and festivals.

Each team participated in three photo sessions based on themes and categories specific to the place and time.

After the sessions, each team submitted a series of six photos to the judges.

Since being declared the "Town of Photography" 30 years ago, Higashikawa has worked to make the town a place of balance and harmony.

The festival aimed to encourage students to develop friendships through photography and promote international understanding.-VNA