This is an impressive show of firepower of the Vietnamese Tank Team before officially participating in the Army Games 2021 competition.

The contest "Tank advance" - the most awaited part of any Army Games competition - will take place in a few days at the Alabino training ground on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia.

As of August 19, the Vietnam People's Army Tank Team and other teams were introduced by the organizing committee to familiarize themselves with the actual competition conditions at the field. They also received the T-72B3 tank to use during the competition.

The Vietnam Tank Team received 4 red T-72B3 tanks from the Russian Federation, which is the host country.

Through initial inspections, the tanks prepared by the organizers for the Vietnamese Tank Team are in good technical condition, eligible to participate in the competition.

In the past few days, the team has quickly familiarized themselves with those tanks and their equipment to best prepare for the competition.

The whole team urgently received weapons and ammunition. They operated the vehicles and fired live ammunition to calibrate weapons on those tanks.

This year, the organizer focuses on target-killing tests and gives those tests high scores.

In addition, in terms of competition ground conditions, the organizer arranged new obstacles and change their positions.

Therefore, completing the test requires high speed and accuracy as well as the ability to work in a team./.