Vietnamese woman deported over attempt to bring pork into Australia hinh anh 1The passenger's pork and other food found at the airport (Source: Australian Border Force)

Sydney (VNA) - A Vietnamese woman has been expelled from Sydney Airport for failing to declare the pork and food she was carrying.

Local authorities in Australia are on high alert for African swine fever (AFS).

The incident took place on October 12 after biosecurity officers found 4.6 kilograms of pork and 470 grams of eggs, along with kilos of quail, pate, fruit, garlic and squid in her luggage.

A spokesperson from the Australian Federal Agricultural Department confirmed that recent test results revealed ASF in around 50 percent of pork products stopped at international airports, up from 15 percent from nine months ago. Between November 5, 2018 and August 31, 2019, over 27 tonnes of pork products were intercepted entering Australia by air.

Australian Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said changes were made to immigration legislation earlier this year so that international visitors who bring in undeclared high-risk items, like pork from AFS-affected countries, can be refused entry and have their visas cancelled for a period of time.

AFS is an incurable disease which kills pigs, often on a large scale, but is not harmful to humans./.