Vietnam and the challenges facing socialism in the 21 st century were discussed at a workshop in Buenos Aires , Argentina , on Nov. 16.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Argentina Nguyen Van Dao said according to President Ho Chi Minh Thought, the goals of the path to socialism that Vietnam is pursuing are a wealthy people, a strong country and a civilized, democratic and equal society.

With the initial results of the process, Vietnam has contributed to finding out a development path for socialism in this era, said the diplomat.

Sociologist Atilio Boron, who is Director of the Latin America programme on Distant Social Science Education (PLED-CCC), highlighted Vietnam ’s miraculous achievements in both economic growth and social development after decades of war.

Boron, who is also a prestigious political analyst in Argentina , pointed out that one of Vietnam ’s biggest challenges currently is how to take advantage of the dynamic market economy while minimising social negative impacts during the globalisation process.

Economic expert Ricardo Aronskind from the National University of General Sarmiento focused on the shift from a centralised planning economy to the market economy in Vietnam since the 6 th National Party Congress in 1986.

The professor highly valued Vietnam ’s successful application of the multi-sectoral economy with the State playing a key role.

However, he pointed out challenges and difficulties that developing nations are facing in protecting their social achievements. He said he hoped Vietnam would choose the best way to pursue revolutionary ideals and build a prosperous country.

At the gathering held by the Vietnamese embassy, the Argentina-Vietnam Culture Institute and the PLED-CCC centre, Ambassador Dao also answered questions on Vietnam ’s key economic sectors, the role of social equality in the nation’s macro-economic policy and its foreign policy./.