VinFast to launch three electric car models in 2023 hinh anh 1

VF33, a VinFast self-driving electric car model. (Photo: VinFast)

Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnamese automaker VinFast plans to launch three new electric car models from 2023, including VF e32, VF e33 and VF e34P, corresponding to segments A, B and C, according to a published document for investors in the second quarter of this year on its official website.

Currently, no information about the models is available. However, the designs of the VF e32 and VF e33 models will probably be influenced by the two Premium models that have succeeded in the A-class hatchback segment and B-class hatchback/CUV segment in the voting contest held by VinFast from 2019.

VinFast also revealed that it will launch three new electric motorcycles in the future. One of them is the Vento model, and the other two are still unknown.

In the second quarter of this year, the Vietnamese automaker continued to hold the throne of the A-class hatchback, E-class sedan and E-class SUV segments. Specifically, VinFast Fadil held a market share of 62 percent while both Lux A2.0 and Lux SA2.0 accounted for 87 percent of the market share. All three models took the lead in their segments after only 18 months after being launched.

With an ambition to reach out to the world, VinFast has established branches in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. Its main product in the future will be electric cars./.