Vinh Phuc strives to boost tourism industry in Tam Dao district hinh anh 1A view of Tam Dao township in Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province (Photo:

Vinh Phuc (VNA) – The northern province of Vinh Phuc is looking to capitalize on the potential of the local Tam Dao district, a popular resort destination, in the hope of turning it into a driving force for the local economy.

The district’s authorities are also making efforts to further boost local tourism industry.

The district has intensified management of destinations and tourism complexes and accelarated promotion and improved service quality of local restaurants and lodging providers.

The local People’s Committee has adopted a plan for the implementation of tourism activities and successfully hosted the launching event of Tam Dao tourism season this year. A committee has been set up with the task of organizing activities to promote the district’s cultural identity at the pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake in the capital city of Hanoi.

The district People’s Committee has also been crafting support and incentives to engage more businesses and the locals in community-based tourism in Tam Dao township and Dao Tru commune. As a result, homestay and villa renting services are rapidly expanding in Tam Dao township to meet increasing demand of holiday-makers.

By the end of September this year, Tam Dao district welcomed over 1.08 million visitors; about 311,000 of whom came to Tam Dao township while the remainder visited Tay Thien Landscape Site.

Tam Dao town, the capital of the district, is a small mountainous township at an altitude of 1,000m in Vinh Phuc with cool weather throughout the year like Da Lat and Sa Pa. It is also just 70km from Hanoi, which makes it an ideal summer destination for visitors at weekends.

Although the town is small, there are plenty of options here for tourists to escape the usual busy city life. 

Young newlyweds can choose spots to take wedding photos, since Tam Dao offers an ancient stone church, silver waterfalls, jungles, pagodas, sunsets and poetic overcast vistas. Visitors can stay at small mansions, looking down the valley from their perch at one of the resorts.
The ancient stone church is a common place to take pictures thanks to its European architecture style, which appears romantic when shrouded in fog. Especially, the vine-covered walls add to the mysterious fairy tale atmosphere here.

Climbing mountain in Tam Dao is an unforgettable experience. The place is where many athletes choose to practise climbing.

If you are in search of a short weekend away, or simply wish to be far from the maddening city crowds, then throw your stress away and head to Tam Dao.

The Tay Thien site locates in Dai Dinh commune, Tam Dao district, 75km northwest Hanoi. It spans 148 hectares on the Thach Ban Mountain within the Tam Dao range.

It is well-known for its ancient religious buildings, such as pagodas, temples, as well as beautiful forests, streams, waterfalls and grottoes. The site was recognised as a national historical relic site in 1991 and a special national relic site in 2015.

There are numerous temples in the site, including Thuong temple, Tam Toa Thanh Mau temple, Co Chin temple and Thong temple.

The site hosts Tay Thien Festival, one of the major spiritual events in the north, on the fifteenth day of the second lunar month annually to commemorate Mother Lang Thi Tieu, who made great contributions to national defence and agricultural development during the era of Hung Kings.

Another big attraction of the district is the Tam Dao National Park, which covers an area of 36,883 hectares, including more than 23,000 hectares of forests. The park is covered by a rich flora, consisting of 490 species from 34 genera and 130 families.

The park is also home to 281 species of fauna from 281 genera, 84 families and 26 orders belonging to 4 main classes: animals, birds, reptiles and amphibious ones.

Nowadays, the National Park of Tam Dao is a place of interest not only for tourists, but also business people and researchers./.