Vietnam has joined India and China in a health programme for pregnant mothers (HESVIC), which was launched at a workshop in Hanoi on April 19.

Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Xuyen informed the participants including representatives from medical universities in Belgium and Holland , plus the three target nations, of Vietnam ’s millennium goals to reduce the mortality rate of mothers by three-quarters by 2015 and new HIV cases by one quarter.

The country has also targeted a larger number of assisted deliveries with help from skilled midwives.

They are also the goals of the HESVIC project, which aims to improve reproductive healthcare in the three populous Asian nations, who all record high mother mortality rates, Xuyen said.

She emphasised that research conducted in the three target countries would serve as the basis for developing medical systems in healthcare for mothers in developing countries, which are short-staffed and lack adequate policies.

After taking part in the project, the participants will be able to help develop human resources in medical management, added Xuyen added.

The discussion focused on methods of conducting research and a strategy to improve the participants’ knowledge and capacity.

The project will review regulations in medical management in the three countries from 2009-2012, with a special focus on equal access to healthcare services for mothers./.