A delegation from the Vietnam Institute of Social Sciences, headed by President Dr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, is on a visit to Laos from Aug. 17-19.

On Aug. 18, the delegation paid a courtesy visit to Lao Vice State President Bounnhang Volachit, briefing the host about the results of their working session with the Laos National Institute of Social Sciences.

Dr. Thang informed Vice President Bounnhang Volachit that the two institutes will strengthen comprehensive cooperation to improve capacity of scientists in research of theory and review realities to contribute to national construction.

Vice President Bounnhang Volachit stressed that Laos and Vietnam are in the process of renewal and needs an appraisal of their current situations to assist in the continued development of the countries.

He supported achievements recorded by the two institutes and expressed his hope that they would engage in projects with a strong practical focus, to contribute to developing the special friendship and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.

Earlier, Dr. Thang had a working session with Dr. Khampheuy Panmalaythong, Director of the Laos National Institute of Social Sciences.

The two sides expressed their joy at results of past cooperation in projects on national renewal, the impacts of globalisation and compilation of a Vietnamese-Lao dictionary.

The two institutes planned to continue research, cooperation and exchange of information and experience in publishing. They will organise seminars in order to hold annual social sciences conferences among Vietnam , Laos and Cambodia , to contribute to developing the Mekong sub-region strongly./.