The Vietnamese Government supports the signing of the first ever cooperation document between the University of Chicago of the US and Hanoi National University, affirmed Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan.

At a reception for US Professor Robert Jeffrey Zimmer in Hanoi on March 9, Deputy PM Nhan said the cooperation between the two leading universities of Vietnam and the US in building a nanoscience and technology centre and the business administration training programme offered a good opportunity for the Hanoi National University to train high-quality personnel resources.

He also emphasised Vietnam’s policy to prioritise investment in education development at all levels and creation of favourable financial conditions for students who face difficulties in access to education.

The Vietnamese Government shows its keen interest in building international-standard universities through its cooperation programmes with Germany and France, said the Deputy PM, expressing the hope that the cooperation with the University of Chicago will be a high-quality example for Vietnam in the future.

President of the University of Chicago Prof. Zimmer said this was his first visit to Vietnam and affirmed that he would exert his efforts to implement the bilateral cooperation document in basic and social science and business administration as soon as it is signed.

The US professor shared the view with the host that Professor Ngo Bao Chau was an important bridge connecting educational cooperation between the two universities.

He said that programmes for experts training in various fields and the visits by the two countries’ teachers will be regularly held.

Zimmer also shared experiences in creating favourable conditions for scientists to bring into play their creativity in scientific research.

At the reception, Prof. Chau shared his view of promoting cooperation between the State, businesses and scientists and how to make businesses believe that the Vietnamese people can conduct effective research.

Scientific research always has risks, said the Deputy PM, adding that the State had special funds to encourage scientists to devote themselves to research and the Prime Minister has approved the maths national key programme for 2010-2020 period.

He expected that sound development policies for education, scientific research and international educational cooperation will help develop Vietnam’s education in the future./.