Hoang Thanh Tung’s passion for leather crafting is so great he can talk about it for hours.

His daily routine starts with a cup of tea and a chat about leather crafting with some friends. This man XuanAnh – Tung’s neighbour – is among those who were inspired by Tung’s love for the delicate craft. 

Working as an architect, but with a passion for leather crafting, Tung makes leather products in this small apartment away from Hanoi city’s centre.

Since 2012, this tiny room has been a professional leather workshop. His handmade products are praised by customers for their designs and durability.

His unruffled and dedicated manners in making leather products have made him an expert in the meticulous craft and gave him a good name in Vietnam’s leather crafting community.

Some 10 years of making leather products has left numerous memories in this young craftsman. His proudest legacy is inspiring others to pursue the craft and laying a foundation for a thousand-member community with a common interest of leather crafting.

With their passion, Tung and his companions have gained an influential position among Vietnam’s leather craft industry.

Despite a niche market with a small pool of customers, Vietnam’s leather craft is expected to further develop and reach international market as long as the young craftsmen’s passion and gifts are nurtured.-VNA