The Asian Youth Orchestra (AYO) will play two concerts in Hanoi Opera House on August 10 and 11.

This is the second time the Asian Youth Orchestra, which consists of the 100 best young musicians in Asia, chosen annually, to come to Hanoi. Their first performance in Hanoi was held in 2011.

It is a golden opportunity for audiences in Hanoi to be entertained by musical masterpieces by Brahms, Haydn, Beethoven, Weber, Dvorak and Sibelius.

The English cello soloist Steven Isserlis will join the orchestra, under the baton of the two conductors James Judd and Richard Pontzious, promising a spectacular concert.

The Hanoi-concerts are a part of the orchestra's tour, from July 19 to August 31, to Japan , Hong Kong, Singapore , Malaysia, Thailand, mainland China and Taiwan.

Vietnam has contributed to the orchestra since 1996, providing young musicians from the VNAM.

Since its inaugural concerts in 1990, the AYO has played hundreds of concerts in Asia, Europe, the US and Australia to a combined audience of more than one million classical music lovers.-VNA