The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training and the Thai Embassy held a closing ceremony for the 4 th Viet-Thai youth exchange at Da Nang University in July 19.

This national-level exchange programme is held in turn between Vietnam and Thailand providing helpful activities for youths from both countries every summer.

It was inaugurated officially in 2009 and hosted by Da Nang University this year with the participation of around 30 students and lecturers from both countries.

The programme included plentiful activities, like learning the Vietnamese and Thai languages, visiting famous cultural sites for study, touring Han market and discovering local folk music and games.

“As a new graduate, I want to gain experience of good work from Vietnam to help apply for future jobs in Thailand ,” Khanitta Radtee, a student of Khon Kaen University (in northern Thailand ) public relation department, said.

According to Manager of Da Nang University, professor Tran Van Nam said this programme was not only to exchange culture, but also strengthen relationships and friendship between the two countries. Concurrently, it helps students develop team work skills to contribute to the solidarity development of ASEAN in 2015.-VNA