96% of urban household wastes to be safely processed in 2023 hinh anh 196% of urban household wastes to be safely processed in 2023. - Illustrative image (Photo:VNA)

 Hanoi (VNA) – Vietnam targets having 96% of urban household wastes collected and processed up to standards this year, said Director of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Vietnam Environment Administration Hoang Van Thuc.

Up to 92% of operating industrial and processing areas will have concentrated wastewater treatment systems while 40% of household wastes will be processed through incineration, electricity generation, and recycling models instead of landfilling, Thuc said.

Last year, Vietnam’s recycling industry expanded by 11.3% annually, placing the country the 10th globally in terms of metal, plastic, paper and glass recycling, laying a foundation for circular economic development

The Vietnamese Government has set a goal to raise the rate of solid waste collected and safely treated to 100% in 2050 as part of the approved national strategy on green growth for 2021-2030 with a vision to 2050.

Overall, the strategy aims at restructuring the economy in connection with renewing the growth model to achieve economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, social equality towards a green economy, carbon neutrality, and contributing to limiting global warming.

Per the strategy, by 2050, 100% of urban areas will have their drainage systems completed to remove the possibility of flooding. All waste water will be treated following technical standards.

In special-class and first-class municipalities, public transport will handle at least 40% and 15%, respectively, of passenger volumes.

Meanwhile, by the time, at least 45 urban areas will ratify and implement their own master plans on developing green growth city./.