As many students regard history as a boring subject, a primary school in Hanoi has recently pursued a new way of teaching history, offering pupils field trips during which they can act as archaeologists and conduct mock excavation.

Tran Mai Anh and her schoolmates at Vietnam – Cuba primary school in Hanoi are enjoying their trip to the Thang Long Imperial Citadel to explore the World Cultural Heritage Site.

Apart from sightseeing, kids also have a chance to participate in hands-on games, which allow them to use specialized tools to seek hidden antiques. The game also requires kids to observe and take notes as if they were real archaeologists.

History is supposed to be common pocket knowledge among people. However, due to a large amount of knowledge and numbers, history hasn’t been welcomed among students.

Thus, the activity which breathes new life into the so-called “rigid” subject has brought pupils closer to the study of past events.-VNA