Kuala Lumpur (VNA) – Asia-Pacific President of Airbus Anand Stanley has said the aircraft manufacturer is upbeat on Malaysia’s quick recovery post-pandemic and the country is poised to record strong air traffic growth in ASEAN.

Speaking to a press conference on April 7, Stanley said the demand for air travel will be higher in this region, and the regional airlines will have a strong role to play to resume and meet the demand, which will have a strong multiplier effect on the trade and economic activities in the region.

On the global front, he said Airbus sees the recovery in activities picking up very quickly, especially in certain countries such as China, India and the US.

After the domestic travel resumes, he encouraged the opening of international borders, at least at the ASEAN level, in order for the regional traffic to start recovering quickly, followed by the intercontinental or long-haul routes.

Airbus is committed to expanding its presence in Malaysia and is looking at industrial exposure beyond the recent pre-pandemic level of 400 million USD a year.

Malaysia is Airbus’ largest supplier base in Southeast Asia and the third largest in Asia after China and India. Airbus delivered 566 units of commercial aircraft in 2020./.