Artist Xuan Phuc did not have the chance to meet President Ho Chi Minh. However, he has drawn more than 2,000 portraits of the President, who led the country to success in the struggle for national independence and whom he only knows from pictures and stories.

Artist Xuan Phuc is working on paintings of President Ho Chi Minh commanding the Dong Khe campaign in 1950. The iconic image of the late President watching over Dong Khe post under the Vietnamese flag looks so real through the artist’s sketches.

Actor Tien Hoi, who often plays President Ho Chi Minh in both stage and films, has been studying the President thoroughly. He admits Xuan Phuc’s paintings profoundly impress him.

Most of Xuan Phuc’s artworks are oil paintings. With his excellent skill and great respect for President Ho Chi Minh, Xuan Phuc’s paintings seem so realistic and leave great impressions on art admirers.

As a child, artist Xuan Phuc got used to paintings of President Ho Chi Minh by his father, artist Tran Xuan Vi. When he grew up, the President became the artist’s endless inspiration.-VNA