A new exhibition titled Destination I captures artists' desires to share their ideas and culture.

The show includes 21 paintings by five Vietnamese and two Malaysian artists, Yusof Ghani and Zaim Bin Durusalam.

It intends to create a place for artistic exchange between Vietnamese artists and their audiences and colleagues both at home and abroad.

Ghani is one of the most well-known Malaysian artists, who was introduced to the world through his four-part series Dance, Mask, Play and Green.

Destination I includes two new paintings from his 2011 series Force, one of which is composed of nine, 58cm by 45cm panels creating a huge image of natural colours.

He came to Viet Nam many years ago but this is his first exhibition in the country.

The exhibition introduces five Vietnamese artists: Ngo Hai Yen, Nguyen Than, Vu Hoa, Ngo Van Sac and Luu Tuyen. Sac and Tuyen concern themselves with social issues in Viet Nam today, such as violent games and addiction, while the three others express their feelings about life.

The exhibition Destination I will run through April 1 at Viet Nam Fine Arts Museum, 66 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street.-VNA