The ASEAN Secretariat has said that it will coordinate with Trade Ministries of Cambodia , Lao , Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV) to organise a series of training courses to advance capacity for trade negotiations for senior officials of those countries.

A week-long training course, the first of this kind, was started in Cambodia on November 13.

Participants at the course were senior officials of Cambodian Ministries of Commerce, Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, Industry, Mines and Energy, Economy and Finance as well as from Departments of Customs and Taxes and Chamber of Commerce.

Addressing at the opening, Pich Rithi, head of the Domestic Commerce Department of the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia , said that the training is of great importance in improving understanding and knowledge for Cambodian officials when they get involved in the international trade policy-related negotiations.

The training will also enhance the implementation of the ASEAN+1 Free Trade Agreements, he added.

Similar courses are expected to be held in Lao , Myanmar and Vietnam in the coming months within the framework of the ASEAN- European Union (EU) cooperation./.