The ASEAN Transport Ministers (ATM) meetings with partners concluded in Phnom Penh , Cambodia on Dec. 16 with joint statements emphasising satisfaction with the progress of strategic cooperative programmes and proposals for new programmes.

The 10 th ATM plus China (ATM10+ China ) joint statement applauded the outcomes of the 14 th ASEAN-China Summit in the Indonesian island of Bali on November 18, with the expansion of cooperation in the transport sector.

The meeting acknowledged China ’s proposal on the establishment of an ASEAN-China committee on connectivity cooperation and strengthening maritime connectivity between the two sides.

It also recorded the progress of ratifying the ASEAN-China Air Transport Agreement and Protocol No. 1 of this agreement signed early this year, considering it a big leap in bilateral transport cooperation.

The joint statement of the 9 th ATM plus Japan (ATM9+ Japan ) showed pleasure with the implementation of the ASEAN-Japan Transport Partnership Agreement (AJTP).

ASEAN ministers spoke highly of Japan ’s active support for the transport development of the bloc under this agreement. Meanwhile, the Japanese side reaffirmed its determination to strengthen cooperative ties with ASEAN member countries, in the spirit of “mutual cooperation and mutual development” in order to develop transport cooperation between ASEAN and Japan .

The ministers adopted a new initiative on the “ASEAN-Japan Logistics Cooperation Programme” proposed by Japan to boost effective logistics services in ASEAN.

The joint statement of the 3 rd ATM plus the Republic of Korea (ATM3+RoK) praised the outcomes of the 14 th ASEAN-RoK Summit in Bali and highly valued the RoK’s commitment to supporting the implementation of the Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity.

The ministers recorded the high-ranking ASEAN leaders’ invitation for the RoK to join the implementation of the plan’s 15 projects as well as other important activities.

The ministers also spoke highly of projects under the ASEAN-RoK Transport Cooperation Roadmap, saying that they have met ASEAN member countries’ specific demands and effectively supported capacity building and feasibility studies on transport infrastructure.

The next ASEAN Transport Ministers’ Meetings, with partners, will be held in Indonesia in 2012./.