Talks between the Secretariats of the UN and ASEAN were held in Jakarta on Feb. 7 to further the relationship between both organisations by identifying common work practices.

In the Feb. 8 press release, the ASEAN Secretariat reported that both parties had prioritised certain areas of the ASEAN-UN Comprehensive Partnership; discussed the working practices and procedures used by both Secretariats; the implementation of the Joint Declaration on Comprehensive Partnership between ASEAN and the UN, and identified priority areas when jointly reporting on recent progress to the ASEAN-UN Ministerial Meeting (AUMM).

The meeting also discussed the preparations for the ASEAN-UN Workshop “Lessons Learned and Best Practices of the United Nations and Regional Organisations in Conflict Prevention, Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, and Peace building,” which took place on 7-8 February 2012 at the ASEAN Secretariat headquarters.

The workshop was conducted under the Bali 2011 Joint Declaration to enhance cooperation and exchange best practices between ASEAN and the UN through a series of ASEAN-UN seminars, workshops and training events.

Many issues were covered including mediation and conflict prevention, peacekeeping and post-conflict peace building.

The meeting was co-chaired by ASEAN’s Deputy Secretary-General Sayakane Sisouvong and UN Assistant Secretary-General Oscar Fernandez-Taranco./.