ASEAN’s centre aids Indonesia’s twin-disaster victims hinh anh 1Rescuers move a body found after the earthquakes and tsunami in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province (Photo: Xinhua/VNA)

Jakarta (VNA) – The ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance on Disaster Management (AHA Centre) was one of the first organisations that worked with the Indonesian Government to support local people and ease impacts of recent natural disasters.

Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province was hit by 6.1-magnitude and 7.5-magnitude quakes and a subsequent tsunami on September 28, which left over 2,070 dead and around 5,000 others missing.

Director of Operations of the AHA Centre Arnel Capili said the centre has established two working groups, one in Jakarta and one in Palu city.

The Palu group has worked with the Indonesian government and local authorities to launch humanitarian activities and provide checkups for patients as well as examine their living conditions, in a bid to overcome consequences of the disasters.

He also stressed that the AHA Centre focuses mainly on coordinating humanitarian aid from countries, regional and international organisations to support victims of the quakes and tsunami.

The centre was tasked with connecting countries and organisations which offer aid to Indonesia with its government. Once the assistance is accepted, the centre will distribute necessities, devices and budget for Indonesia.

The centre also works closely with national disaster management agencies of all 10 ASEAN members in monitoring and sharing information about hazards and disasters in the region. 

Additionally, it closely monitors the hazards and earth observations well as early warning releases by hydro-meteorological and geological agencies of ASEAN countries to build a disaster-resilient region.

It serves as a bridge linking scientists and disaster management agencies of respectively countries, while seeking solutions to mitigate losses caused by natural disasters.-VNA