The price of rice in Asia fluctuated in April, mainly due to a drop in the value of unhusked rice in Vietnam and Cambodia and a surge in rice price in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

The wholesale price of rice in Vietnam in April dropped by around 4 percent, which was attributed to increased rice output harvested from the 2013-14 winter-spring crop.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s Government has sold a large amount of rice from its stocks to the market, leading a one-third decrease in the price of the grain compared to that of last year.

The FAO predicted the price of Thailand’s rice exports will continue to go down because its Government keeps selling rice to the market.

The average price of rice in the Philippines rose by around 3 percent, resulting from the country’s decreased rice production in the 2013-14 crop and low rice stocks.

The Philippines’ purchase of 800,000 tonnes of rice from Vietnam between May and August is expected to help stabilise the price of the grain in the coming time.

Rice prices in Bangladesh and India remained steady in April thanks to the two countries’ peak rice production in the 2013-14 crop.-VNA