Local authorities and people are striving to develop brands for its fruit, contributing to improving the value of its agricultural products.

The staple fruits of Luc Ngan are yellow oranges, sweet oranges, green grapefruit and sweet grapefruit. Coming to Luc Ngan these days, we can be lost in the gardens of citrus trees. This year, the 10 hectare fruit tree farm of Nguyen Van Huu in Se hamlet, Thanh Hai commune continued to be selected as a destination for visitors and traders to visit during the Luc Ngan Fruit Fair.

Favourable natural condition gives Luc Ngan an upper hand to grow fruit trees. In addition, the diligence and creativity of the local farmers are the decisive factors to create bumper crops. Furthermore, People's Committee of Luc Ngan district has always been accompanying local gardeners, ensuring all fruit products are marketed with clear origin.

Luc Ngan is fertile region with year-round sweet fruits worth about 7 trillion VND every year. This place is an attractive destination for visitors from near and far so that people nationwide will not only know about Luc Ngan Litchi but also easily identify other fruits of the locality./.