Taking tourism as one of the five pillars for socio-economic development, authorities of the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu have been issuing several legal documents relating the management of the sector and boosting the exchange of information in this field with regional localities.

The provincial Department Culture, Information and Tourism said Bac Lieu aims to rake in nearly 130 million USD from tourism, an increase of from 18-30 percent over last year, with 3 million arrivals, including about 90,000 foreign visitors.

 To achieve the goal, provincial authorities will continue improving the state management over tourism, perfecting and raising the quality of the operation of local places of interest, and ensuring the hygienic and security environment.

 They have facilitated the attraction of investment to major tourism projects in the province and developed coastal ones with its unique characteristics. Alongside, they are spending big sums of money on the improvement of traffic roads to tourist sites while developing the community-based model of homestay so as to attract more visitors.

 Last year, Bac Lieu province welcomed 2.5 million arrivals, including 73,5000 visitors./.