Every year when spring comes, as plum and apricot blossom flowers lose their colour and the warmth of the spring has swept away the cold of winter, it’s time for Ban flowers to give the whole mountainous region a white outfit.

Local people say Ban flower is also an immortal symbol for pure and faithful love of young couples in the high mountain area.

Not only beautiful, the flower is used to cook delicacies of Thai ethnic people, such as sticky rice with Ban flower, fried Ban with bamboo shoots , Ban soup and Ban flower salad.

Ban salad is rich in aroma and delicious as it is a mixture of many ingredients such as chilli, peppers, parsley, and wild seeds.

Ban flowers season blooms give the signal of the festive season coming, with as the annual Ban flower festival, the Culture, Sports and Tourism Day, with special art performances  and activities, the festivals are expected to lure more tourists to the beautiful mountainous region.-VNA