About 30 anti-government protesters were injured in a bomb explosion in Bangkok on January 17, the country’s The Nation newspaper reported.

The newspaper quoted sources from the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) as saying that an unknown assailant threw a bomb from the third floor of a nearby building towards protesters marching below.

It was reported the bomb exploded just 30m from where PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban was standing. Suthep escaped unharmed and was escorted to safety.

The caretaker government has denied any responsibility for the explosion, maintaining that the protesters themselves committed the act in a bid to trigger violence and upheaval.

Earlier, three consecutive bomb blasts also shook the capital, injuring two people. To date, the political unrest - which erupted last November with the opposition aiming to topple PM Yingluck Shinawatra’s administration - has claimed eight lives and left as many as 481 wounded.

Meanwhile, the Thailand Election Commission is continuing its efforts to persuade the PM to delay the election scheduled for February 2, arguing that it may lead to stronger unrest.

Yingluck has asserted that she is serving as caretaker premier in line with the Constitution until a new government is formed. She stated on January 17 that the caretaker government will just play an intermediary role in drafting a roadmap for reform, calling on all parties, including the anti-government movement led by Suthep to put forward their ideas.

In a separate move, the police has set up a special taskforce to arrest Suthep on charges of inciting rebellion, with a warrant for his capture already issued. However, he is reported to be under the protection of about 40 guards, making any arrest attempt very difficult.-VNA