Bomb kills three police officers in southern Thailand hinh anh 1

Military personnel inspect the site of a bomb attack at Krong Pinang District in the southern province of Yala, Thailand, on September 23, 2016 (Photo: Reuters/VNA)


Bangkok (VNA) – At least three police officers were killed and one injured when a bomb buried beneath a road in the southern province of Yala, Thailand, exploded on September 23.

A local policeman said the bomb hit a police’s car which was on a trip to gather intelligence. After that, gunmen fired on the police from the nearby forest.

The Muslim-majority southern part of Thailand, bordering Malaysia, has seen near daily bombings and shootings since the most recent wave of rebellion erupted in 2004.

More than 6,600 people, mostly civilians, have died in the conflict between Thai security forces and Malay militants.

Thailand’s current government has tried to restart peace talks with the Muslim militants in the south since it took power in 2014.

However, the negotiations have failed to gain progress while attacks continue to strike across the southern region.-VNA