Quang Tri, a province adjacent to Laos and near the “Golden Triangle”, is a hotspot for drug trafficking. The Drug and Crime Prevention Department under the Vietnam People’s Border Guard and the Quang Tri Border Guard recently worked together to break up a cross-border drug trafficking ring, seizing 21 kg of methamphetamine.

Colonel Do Ngoc Canh - Director of Drug and Crime Prevention Department, Border Guard Command said: "Border guards have to watch drug criminals continuously, and usually track them for a long time before an arrest".

Some drug trafficking rings, who transport drugs from Laos to Vietnam and then to a third country, have close links with international drug crime organisations in the “Golden Triangle”. Fighting these rings requires time and especially bravery and talent.

Colonel Nguyen Phi Khanh - Commander of Lao Cai Border Guard said: "The way drug trafficking rings purchase and transport drugs is very secret and sophisticated, making it difficult for us to follow and tackle".

Recently, new drug production technologies have significantly improved drug output and reduced prices. The scale of drug crimes is getting bigger and the tricks of criminals are getting more sophisticated. These factors make the fight against drugs by border guards more difficult and complex.

Lieutenant General Le Duc Thai - Commander of Vietnam Border Guard said: "Despite the difficulties and hardships, border guards are always present in hotspots of security and order at the border, standing side-by-side with border residents and actively fighting crime of all kinds, including drug crime".

The achievements of the border guard forces are greatly appreciated by the Party and the State, and at the same time bring confidence to the people. The war on drug crimes will continue, with many dangers and challenges, but nothing can deter Vietnam’s border guards./.