Medical experts have indicated that breast cancer is the number one cause for the death of Thai women.

According to Secretary General of the Thanyarak Foundation Dr. Thammanit Angsusing, breast cancer has surpassed cervix cancer to become the number one threat against women in the past 18 years, citing a US research that by 2020, breast cancer will be the leading type of cancer affecting female population in developing countries, including Thailand.

He also expressed concerns over the mammogram, saying that the method is complicated and it will take at least another 20 years for the method used in Thailand to be as effective as the one in the US .

Thammanit concluded that self breast screening remains the best way to detect the cancer.

The foundation has initiated a campaign promoting breast screening in 19 provinces by re-examining the data compiled by the Health Departments 10 years ago, he said.

According to the foundation’s Secretary General, the screening should be done correctly and regularly and fatality rate will decrease if the cancer is found and treated at an early stage.

If any woman detects a lump in her breast, she should immediately consult her doctor, whether or not the lump inflicts pain upon contacts, he recommended, adding that women aged above 35 perform breast screening at least once a month.-VNA