On June 24th, when visiting a renewable energy company in Ho Chi Minh City, British Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward had remarkable assessments on clean energy exploitation in Vietnam.

Ambassador Ward said: “Vietnam has the potential to lead the Southeast Asia in the transition to sustainable energy. He also said that since 1990, the United Kingdom has reduced emissions by 42% while continuing economic growth of 72%.

This proves that there is no trade-off between economic growth and sustainable energy use. He said: “I am delighted to see that Vietnam has come to the same conclusion and has clearly taken steps to develop the renewable energy sector from 2019”.

According to the Ambassador, the UK and many British businesses in Vietnam are committed to assisting local governments in addressing climate change and achieving green energy goals.

A recent World Bank (WB) report said that developing solar energy could create about 25.000 new jobs in Vietnam each year until 2030 and add 20.000 more in solar energy equipment manufacturing segment in international market./.