The area is expected to be one of the largest eco-tourism centres in the country, allowing visitors to experiencing lush mangrove forests. Local officials hope it can become a popular destination on Mekong Delta tours.

By 2025, it will begin to focus on attracting high-end tourists, with an orientation towards resort tourism, eco-tourism and entertainment.

For the domestic market, the Ca Mau Cape tourism site focuses on providing sightseeing opportunities, natural landscape exploration and tours of the sea and islands.

For the international market, priority will be given to target markets such as tourists from the US, Australia and northeast Asia, including the Republic of Korea, China and Japan. At the same time, it will seek potential markets in Western Europe, including England and France, and Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

This will be the core zone with a focus on the development of the whole tourism site with tourist works, services and entertainment centres, plus ecological resorts in the mangrove forest./. - VNA