More than 200 key cadres from 16 Central Highlands and central city and provincial Party committees and popularisation and education commissions attended a conference in Da Nang city on May 4 which was aimed at helping them to thoroughly grasp the Resolution of the 11th National Party Congress.

Politburo member and Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) Dinh The Huynh affirmed the significance of the 11th Congress in the political activity of the entire Party, people and army.

Huynh, who is also Head of the CPVCC Commission for Popularisation and Education, proposed local authorities thoroughly grasp the Party’s revolutionary process over the past 80 years, main tasks to improve the State’s management efficiency and effectiveness, the Party building work and guidelines, the enhancement of the Party leadership and upholding the people’s right to mastery as well as major solutions to economics, education, science-technology and environment.

The Politburo member asked the participants to thoroughly grasp the fundamental contents of the Resolution to bring it into life.

During the three-day conference, the participants will discuss important documents adopted at the 11th Congress, including the Platform for National Construction during the transitional period towards socialism (supplemented and developed in 2011), the Socio-economic Development Strategy for the 2011-20 period, the Political Report of the CPVCC (the 10th tenure) and the Party Statute (the 11th tenure).

The conference will focus on new points and theoretical and ideological foundations of the documents and combining practical examples with the current ideological and political struggle./.