Every Saturday, a lot of young people gather at Nhan My pagoda in Hanoi’s Tu Liem district to attend a calligraphy class, where they learn not only the traditional way of handwriting but also to acquire moral values.

At 8 am, all learners are present at the class, which is like a small-scale society since it attracts people from all walks of life, from old to young and from rich to poor.

However, all of them share the same love for calligraphy and passion to comprehend profound thoughts through the art.

The class aims to maintain and uphold traditional values. When attending the class, both students and instructors can achieve self-improvement, said Le Trung Kien, calligraphy instructor.

Calligraphy teaches ways to behave in life as well as how to respect teachers and the elderly, Nguyen Tien Phong from Thuong Tin district said, adding that he has learnt calligraphy for five months, and really loves this art.

Calligraphy is an art of spirit which includes both external and internal beauty. Therefore, calligraphers must summon up their mind and soul to create lively handwriting which can stir an emotional response.

The calligraphy class at Nhan My pagoda is considered a place to nourish passion for time-tested values as the art gives out priceless lessons on history, traditions and morality.-VNA